Matchbox Room

Matchbox Room

Female Bathroom

Female Bathroom

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Moon Fools Hostel Welcomes You!

You’re all set with your preferred Island Paradise destination, Bohol (ahem!), now get your backpacks out here and get settled in the newest hostel in Alona Beach, Panglao Island!

It’s designed for the eco-adventurer and the green travel warrior in you! You might even discover that there’s so much more that our little hostel has in store for you.

Yes we have those adorable Tarsiersimg-thing, lots of those Chocolate Hillsimg-thing and the powdery white sand beach is just a walk away img-thing but then book your stay with us and we will definitely show you more.

Why stay? Why not? Hello? Have you been taking notes?

So?       Book Now!


For Inquiries

Address: Ester Lim Drive Cor. Hontanosas Rd. Alona Beach,

Brgy. Tawala Panglao Island Bohol, Philippines

Phone: +63 9255889868, +639778404683, +63385441087